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Fill out the information below as best you can and I will create a custom portal for you that will provide you with some possible homes that meet your criteria. I always recommend my home buyers get pre-approved before they start seriously looking. However, getting your portal started definitely doesn't hurt while you are finalizing your pre-approval! Filling out this form will give me the information I need to set up a search for you and get you access to the MLS database... which is only accessible to when you work with a Real Estate Agent (hey, that's me!). Why is MLS better than using Zillow or MLS is where all listings are originally posted and updated, making it the most accurate and efficient data you can possibly receive. Zillow and pull their data FROM the MLS... and can sometimes be days behind in updating. Continue on the form below and I would love to get your MLS portal started.

Please provide the county, zip code, school district, etc. if you have have a specific preference.