Oof, my first personal blog post! It's so funny as I type this. I sit here and wonder why I'm bothering typing all this because I'm trying to figure out who in the world will care enough to read all this. Funny, because that thought kind of ties into what has really been causing me to be on the struggle bus lately.

Ever heard of imposter syndrome? I'm sure you have by now. It's a pretty common term, especially if you have dabbled at all in the self-help world. I've been in a serious season of change & growth. And I've been really diving deep into some limiting beliefs I have.

It's hardddd work, workin on yourself! But dang, I can only imagine how good it will get on the other side of learning more about myself and how to step into a better version of myself. If you are (or ever have) struggled with a season of self-development... I am right there with you. This work is hard. But it's so so good. Keep going. Pull back from the books, podcasts, and influencers/coaches when you find yourself overwhelmed. There is a lot of information circulating out there, especially on the topic of self-improvement. I learned first hand that this can do the opposite of guide/help you if you aren't careful. Notice when you're closings books feeling stressed or turning off podcasts with a million questions floating through your head. Keep a healthy boundary with all that good info and don't be afraid to spend some time just being you. Being present. Self-reflecting. Prayer. Mindset work is everything. But I also think it can be overcomplicated. I wish you the best of luck if you are diving in to this (or in the thick of it!). If you've come out on the other side of this journey successfully... please let me know! I loooove hearing success stories and can't wait to share my own.

In other personal news, we've had a pretty good summer as a family! Although we opted not to go on a week-long beach vacation, we have had quite a bit of time at the pool, the lake, and various other social events! Mila is growing like a dang weed. I'm nottttt okay.

I love watching her grow up and learn new things, but it's also mildly heartbreaking at the same time. She can count to 10 in English & Spanish, she loves the moon & monkeys, she has favorite songs (lots of Coldplay), and she even has some of her bedtime books memorized so she can "read" them to herself. I started getting all teary eyed the other night watching her flip through a book and say some of the key words. Within a few seconds, I saw a flash of her as a newborn who couldn't grasp books, to now, to the future when she won't need me to read them to her.



I was having dinner with a friend the other day and we started chatting about recent wins and hardships. As I verbalized what was going on with my life, I realized that 2022 has been a bit on the rough side for me. It has truly felt like one thing after another. All relatively minor, for the most part. But just enough to keep me in a more negative mindset. So, since that epiphany, I've really been working on just accepting certain events that occur and moving through it. If we are looking for things to complain about, we will surely always find them, am I right?!

Breakthrough and good things are in route my friends. I can genuinely feel it. 2022 hasn't been the easiest year but it'll be one I reflect fondly on when I realize how all these little things happened for some sort of greater reason that got me right where I am supposed to be!

enjoy some of my fave summer photos below!!